Fees & Pricing Philosophy

At Nobles & Sigman, we don’t believe that “expensive” necessarily means better. We strive to provide superior legal services, at fair and reasonable prices. We always provide information regarding cost up front, before work begins.

We are proud to be able to offer our clients in Massachusetts flat fee legal services for most matters. Following your free initial consultation, your attorney will provide you with a firm flat fee for your legal services. This means no surprise expenses, no inflated bills at the end of your case. Ancillary expenses, such as government filing fees, are explained to and approved by the client before they are incurred.

Flat Fee Legal Services include:

  • Franchise Document Review
  • Business Asset Acquisitions
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Business Entity Creation and Record Maintenance Services
  • Will, Trust, and Health Care Advance Directives
  • Fair Hearing Representation
  • Estate Planning Guidance
  • And more – please call for a free consultation!
  • 781-258-7607

There are some client matters for which we can not adequately assess or predict the degree of complexity or length of representation needed. In such cases, we will bill our client hourly. When we do take on a case under hourly rate billing, we offer competitive and reasonable rates. We will always take the time to explain our retainer and fee agreements, and welcome questions about your bill at any time.

Our fees and method of pricing reflect our philosophy that quality legal services can be honestly and reasonably priced. To meet this goal, we keep our overhead costs as low as possible; therefore, as part of this effort, we do not take cases on a contingency fee basis.