Additional Services

Intellectual Property

Many business owners do not realize that one of the greatest assets a business has is its image. A logo, trademark or service mark can be the single best way to identify your business and reputation to your customers and clients. We can help you decide what type of protection is best suited for your needs and whether it’s obtaining a Federal trademark, service mark or copyright, we’ve streamlined the filing process for you – getting rid of the confusion and red tape. All of our intellectual property services are handled under our flat-fee billing system.

Marketing and Ancillary Services

We understand that starting a business requires more than just filing the right documents. You need to get your name out to the public, and learn to keep the business running. To aid you in this effort, we can coordinate ancillary services provided by like-minded professionals, such as business coaching, accounting, marketing, and web design, to help get your business started in the right direction.

Legal Documentation

For new and established businesses, we handle contract & document drafting and review, business proposal drafting, royalty audits and much more. We can perform all of these services on a one-time basis, or as an established representative of the business. Nearly all of these services are conducted under our flat-fee billing system..