Selling a Franchise

Are you considering selling your franchise? Our franchisee clients may purchase a franchise with the goal of building and eventually selling their business. Nobles & Sigman works with Buyers and Sellers of franchises throughout New England. We provide reasonably priced legal services and diligently safeguard your interests throughout all phases of the transaction. We focus on closing the deal on time and making the process as smooth and stress free as possible for you.

It is central to our process to meet with all our seller clients before they accept an offer on a business. This advance preparation ensures that your business is ready for sale and that we have the opportunity to review and respond to any requests for information from the buyer. This way, you are positioned to sell your franchise quickly with minimal disruption.

The two largest hurdles in a franchise sale transaction are: obtaining a buyer and minimizing the time that elapses between the initial conversation with the buyer and the closing. We work closely with our clients, their franchisor, and landlord to ensure that the required approvals and documentation are secured efficiently and do not slow down the deal momentum.

At Nobles & Sigman we strive to provide our clients with highly efficient legal services to eliminate delays and proceed with a smooth closing.

We make sure the transition out of your business and the entire sale process is as efficient as possible. We are committed to protecting your best interests. Our franchise attorneys review and negotiate all the documents produced by the Buyer including:

  • Letter of intent
  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Bill of Sale and other closing documents
  • Assignment of Lease
  • Franchisor’s assignment/transfer documents