Business Ownership Services

We understand that you, as a franchise owner or franchisee, want to be your own boss and pursue your dreams. We also know how confusing and frustrating it can be to grapple with the many issues and decisions you encounter along the way – tax implications, liability, legal filings and documentation. Nobles & Sigman will ensure that you have the proper legal foundation and a complete understanding of the process. We want you to be a success.

Entity Selection and Formation

The first and often most important decision in establishing a foundation for your investment is the business entity formation process. In Massachusetts and other states, there are several major types of business entities that can be formed to operate your franchise. How do you know which entity is right for your business? Nobles & Sigman attorneys are experienced in helping you select the entity structure which best meets your needs. We provide comprehensive business entity formation services and we answer your questions and advise you through every step in the process. Our business attorneys are right here in Massachusetts. Why leave the formation of your business entity to a faceless company or an anonymous online service? At Nobles & Sigman, our goal is to provide affordable personal attention. For more information, Click here.

Record Keeping and Maintenance

At Nobles & Sigman, we develop a long-term relationship with our clients. We are committed to providing support and answers to your legal questions as you grow your businesses. For example, most business entities have ongoing obligations such as annual meetings and annual report filings. Failure to properly comply with these obligations can cause a business owner to lose the liability protection that the business entity affords. Through knowledgeable and cost-effective legal representation, our attorneys guide you through the business entity governance process.

Need a lender? Our attorneys can find one for you. We typically offer discounts on our legal fees if we represent you and the lender at the closing – ask for details. For more information on our Real Estate Services, Click here.

Intellectual Property

One of the greatest assets a business has is its image. A logo, trademark or service mark can be the single best way to identify your business and convey your reputation to customers and clients. We help you decide what type of protection is best suited for your needs. Whether it’s obtaining a Federal trademark, service mark or copyright, we streamline the filing process for you – getting rid of the confusion and red tape. All of our intellectual property services are handled under our flat-fee billing system. Want more information? Email us

Marketing and Ancillary Services

Nobles & Sigman understands that starting a business requires more than just filing the right documents. You need to get your name out to the public and learn to keep the business running. To help you succeed, we coordinate ancillary services provided by trusted professionals, such as:

  • Business Coaching
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Web Design

Legal Documentation

For new and established businesses, we handle:

  • Contract & document drafting and review
  • Business proposal drafting
  • Royalty audits and more

We perform all of these services on a one-time basis, or as an established representative of your business. Nearly all of these services are conducted under our flat-fee billing system.