Legacy Planning for Modern Families

At Nobles & Sigman, we work with clients in all stages of life.  Whether you’re just starting out, or starting over after an empty nest, we can help you with your unique questions, such as:

  • How do I pick a guardian to take care of my kids if something happens to me?
  • If I die, will my kids be able to afford college?
  • What happens to my business?
  • Who can manage my online banking and bill pay if I die?
  • Will I be able to control my medical treatment if I’m incapacitated? Who gets to make those decisions?
  • I’m having a harder time keeping track of my finances; what can I do to help safeguard my assets?

It is easy to put off planning, but life is unpredictable. Having a clear plan in place is a kindness to those you leave behind. Our attorneys work hard to help you create an estate plan that will grow with you as your life changes. Contact Erin Nobles today to set up a free Zoom call to discuss your options.