Legacy Planning

For many families, a will one component of a well-crafted legacy plan.  Depending on your situation, you may need a living trust…especially if you have little ones, or are caring for children with special medical needs. Additionally, it’s never a bad idea to have a power of attorney, and a solid advance directive for medical care.

At Nobles & Sigman, we work with clients to draft appropriate and timely documents, which may include:

  • Wills
  • Family Trusts
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Health Care Proxies/Advance Directives for Health Care

Best of all, we help you organize your digital and financial footprint into a comprehensive binder that can be passed on to your personal representative in an emergency situation.

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